SANS: Closeted IPv6 causing “angst” amongst security pros

The SANS Institute wants horror and success stories from security pros dealing with IPv6.

Almost two years after ‘IPv6 day’ in 2011, security professionals cannot confidently manage security threats posed by the replacement to IPv4, according to the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Centre.

For a quick refresher, IPv6, which “launched” in June last year, is the proposed replacement to IPv4. The protocol with 4 billion address has already reached exhaustion in many regions across the world and IPv6 promises to solve this by offering 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses.

Despite a successful launch in June 2012 and an ultimate need to move to something bigger, hands on experience with the new internet protocol remains limited. That’s having a detrimental impact on the people charged with securing today’s networks, SANS Institute 'Internet Storm Centre' trainer Johannes Ullrich tells CSO Australia.

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