Review: Secure Flash Drives

Enex Testlab Review

Types of Security

How we tested


 Imation Secure+

 Ironkey Personal D200

 Kingston DataTraveler 6000

  Kingston Data Traveler Blue

 Sandisk Cruzer Edge

Verbtaim Store'N'Go Business Secure

Encyption with AES

Do it yourself

USB flash drives are the modern floppy, albeit considerably larger and faster. They make our lives easy for taking data on the road, sharing with colleagues over sneakernet, and given their rapidly increasing size even acting as backup devices. They're also darn handy for installing software from ISO images.

But inherent to their nature, they can be incredibly easy to lose. And if a lost or stolen flash drive should contain something important, you don't necessarily want the data on it falling into the wrong hands.

So if USB flash drives are part of your work, and security is important, can you rely on secure USB flash drives to really be secure?

It's a good question that we set out to answer with a sample of secure USB flash drives currently available. We deliberately chose a cross-section of manufacturers and models to get a snapshot of what devices are out there and what you can expect from secure USB drives.

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