Webroot SecureAnywhere Brings Protection to the Cloud

Webroot is delivering protection for PCs, smartphones, and tablets with the new cloud-based SecureAnywhere products.

Computer and data security is becoming a much more complex issue to manage for many businesses and consumers. Webroot hopes to simplify it, and make sure you are protected no matter what device or platform you might be using with the launch of SecureAnywhere.

Security used to amount to simply installing some anti-malware product on the PC and keeping it up to date to detect the latest threats. But, now users do more online, and connect with the world through social networks, and access data while on the go from smartphones and tablets. The old school model of security no longer applies.

"For far too long, people have endured a miserable experience with their PC security," said Dick Williams, CEO, Webroot. "Security vendors, including Webroot, have expected customers to buy, install, and manage security products by themselves. This industry has been delivering products that are less and less effective against threats from zero-day exploits, social engineering, and other sophisticated techniques we see today. Webroot is taking the misery out of security. Webroot SecureAnywhere is the fastest, lightest, and the least demanding--so people are free to do what they want online."

SecureAnywhere installs in a blazing six seconds and immediately scans for threats. . It is intelligent enough to automatically scan and detect threats for average users, yet also offers 124 customizable settings for tech gurus who want to exert more control over how the protection is configured.

All PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices can be protected through a single Web portal. Small businesses will be able to oversee security from the Web, and techies who serve as the family security guru will appreciate being able to monitor and maintain security for everyone using the Web console.

Webroot SecureAnywhere delivers protection from the cloud. The software occupies a meager 6MB on the local hard drive--an installation that's 98 percent smaller than previous security tools, with an initial scan that is 3.5 times faster than that of the average leading antivirus product. Webroot claims that SecureAnywhere deep scan searches the entire system for rootkits and complex threats in less than two minutes.

"In our independent testing, PassMark found that Webroot used the least resources and had the least impact on system performance out of the products tested; it ranked the highest--scoring 90 points out of a possible 98 points, 38 points higher than the next best competitor--in our testing of 14 different performance metrics," said David Wren, Managing Director, PassMark Software.

Webroot SecureAnywhere offers an entire menu of options--from basic antimalware protection for a single PC, to comprehensive protection for up to three PCs and three mobile devices. Webroot has tools to protect both Android and iOS mobile devices, and a Mac OS X client is expected in early 2012.

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