Anonymous leaks 7,000 cops' emails and passwords

Retribution for recent arrests.

Anonymous on Sunday leaked the personal details of 7,000 police officers taken from the Missouri online training database, explaining via a You Tube video that it was retribution for recent raids.

The leak purports to include Missouri Police user names, phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses and passwords.

Similar to previous releases, the group had used PasteBin to release the details, however the file was removed, prompting it to repost a Text file on the Wikisend file sharing service.

The AntiSec campaign launched by Anonymous and LulzSec last month stepped up a notch on Friday, with the campaign claiming a breach of systems at FBI IT security contractor, Mantech. 

Under the AntiSec banner, it claimed to have released a 400 MB file relating to its work for NATO.
Mantech issued a brief statement that it took “seriously the recent reports of a cyber threat” and was investigating the claim.

The leaks follow the Thursday arrest of alleged LulzSec spokesperson Topiary. British Metropolitan police have not released the name of the arrested man.

According to anti-LulzSec hackers, such as The Jester, and the blog LulzSec Exposed, the real figure behind Topiary is not an 18 year-old Scot from the Shetland Islands, but a 23 year-old from Uppsala, Sweden, Daniel Akerman Sandberg.

“We believe MET Police got the wrong guy and it happens because of lot of disinformation floating on the web,” a group calling itself Web Ninjas claimed shortly after the arrest of the alleged Topiary.

“LulzSec and Anonymous members are Master trolls and they are good at this.”

The LulzSec Exposed blog claimed to have “matched” Sandberg’s voice in a 2008 interview in which he spoke about Anonymous' protests against the Church of Scientology, with recent media interviews conducted under the Topiary handle.

An IRC chat leaked by The Jester, purportedly between Topiary and an unnamed person, suggested that Sandberg was behind the Topiary name, and that he had stolen it from a “troll” in the UK last December in order to deflect attention to himself. 


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