British Hackers Take Down Al-Qaeda Websites

White hat hack group disrupts terrorists' communications and videos.

A group of British hackers today took down Al-Qaeda's communication network and websites, preventing the terrorist organization from posting online messages and videos.

The hacks started a few days ago and they have temporarily crippled Al-Qaeda's Internet influence. These attacks on Al-Qaeda are reminiscent of similar attacks the group suffered earlier this month when British intelligence officers replaced the group's instructions on how to make bombs with cupcake recipes. Who says the British aren't funny?

Experts expect Al-Qaeda to get its websites back under control within the next few days, but also commented that these hackers were obviously well coordinated and used some highly sophisticated techniques in taking the sites down.

This week's hackers were believed to be government sponsored, which would explain the high-level expertise these white hats showed. The U.K. government allegedly was also behind this month's cupcake recipe hacks, and it is generally believed that it sponsored those hackers as well, encouraging them to mess lwith Al-Qaeda.

It just goes to show that not all hackers are out to expose security flaws or steal your personal information. It warms my Internet heart to see the hackers stand up against groups like Al-Qaeda and be a general thorn in its side. Honestly though, after all the LulzSec and Anonymous hacks lately, I half expected the Al-Qaeda websites to be replaced with looping video of NyanCat.


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