Westpac online banking goes down again

Third time in March issues occur for financial insitution

For the second day in a row, customers of Westpac have been unable to access bank accounts online.

According to posts on the bank’s Twitter account, it had encountered "heavy demand" for online banking services.

"We're experiencing heavy demand for online banking at the moment. If you can't log in, please try again in a short while," reads one tweet from the bank.

"... There was heavy strain on the system this morning so some services are still recovering. Sorry for inconvenience," reads another.

The online banking issues are similar to those yesterday when customers reported issues logging on to the service.

“Once the bank knows why the online service was affected temporarily, decisions can be made about how temporary disruptions like this one are preventable,” a Westpac spokesperson told Computerworld Australia, yesterday.

The issues bear strong resemblance to those reported earlier this month when customers experienced difficulties logging on to the service.

At the time, the bank said the glitch was an "intermittent" issue due to capacity problems with its servers.

“Our servers were running at about 80 per cent capacity so it was only a small percentage of our customers who were unable to log in,” a bank spokesperson said at the time.

Just as earlier in the month, the bank publicly advised customers this morning that the issue was intermittent.

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