Organisations battling to keep up with security threats

Web 2.0, mobile social media main areas of concern

Organisations are battling to keep up with emerging security threats resulting from the rapid evolution of Web 2.0, according to McAfee CEO David DeWalt.

Speaking at a media event in Sydney, DeWalt said security issues have become more complex since the widespread uptake of mobile social networking.

“There is a lot of evolution in terms of the landscape," he said. "You can really feel what’s been happening in the market over the past few years. Everyone is under pressure to make Web 2.0 more secure.”

DeWalt's comments follow the release of a McAfee sponsored security report on the Web 2.0 challenges faced by Australian businesses.

The report, which surveyed 60 Australian organisations, found that one-third name security risks as their “primary concern”.

As well as this, about one in two organisations experienced a security incident in the past year, and 78 per cent of organisations restrict the use of at least one Web 2.0 tool due to security concerns.

Despite this, Australian organisations were responding themselves to threats posed by Web 2.0 including those born of social media, DeWalt said.

“70 per cent of organisations in Australia have a workplace social media policy and if you go back a year ago, this number was very low,” he said.

DeWalt also shared insights into McAfee's recent merger with Intel, saying the move will create a 'third pillar of computing' for company.

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