Rio Tinto spying case a wake up call to CIOs?

2009 Australian Enterprise Encryption Trends report finds growing awareness of need for data encryption

Additionally, businesses looking to take advantage of different application and service delivery models, such as cloud computing and software-as-a-service, were creating real risks to the management and security of data within organisations.

Rather than view data security as a challenge, CIOs should view data security as an opportunity for the business, according to director EMEA marketing at PGP, Jamie Cowper.

"Having data security means you can safely move your business to federated clouds and the advantages they bring," he said. "You can also safely look to places such as India as a source of cheaper services or to places like China to grow your business because you have protected your data you can confidently operate in jurisdictions with differing needs for data protection.”

For a good view on the extent of data loss - largest and latest data loss incidents - see DataLossDB

PGP’s Top Ten Data Security Checkpoints for CIOs

  • 1. Know your data and your data flow
  • 2. Secure data end-to-end – at rest, in use and in motion
  • 3. Educate
  • 4. Unify processes and policies – centralise policy and key management
  • 5. Ensure partners and vendors are secure
  • 6. Physical security
  • 7. Data retention policies
  • 8. Regulatory compliances
  • 9. Simple to deploy – install once, roll out as needed
  • 10 Easy to use – automatic and transparent to users

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