E-commerce Fraud: The Latest Criminal Schemes

Sebbe Jones, manager of fraud and disputes at 2Checkout, details the latest criminal techniques using online payment transactions

What is the biggest thorn in your side? I always feel frauders are going to be one step ahead of the merchants. Some of our best tools that we had five years ago really aren't anymore. So now common sense tells me the tools I have today will be out of date in a few years and we hope we can have something new when the time comes.

In dealing with disputes probably the biggest thorn in my side recently is friendly fraud. That plays out in a couple of different scenarios. For instance, a customer placed an order and then saw the charge on their statement and said 'I don't want this.' But instead of contacting their bank and saying 'Hey, I did place this order, but I don't like it,' they claim fraud. Or someone else in their household places the order and they claim fraud. But bottom line is they have to be treated as fraud when in all actuality it really isn't fraud. The credit card companies, so far, haven't really provided merchants an avenue to challenge those types of things successfully.

Also, I worry about people from terrorist groups trying to defraud us, because not only does that hurt my company, it hurts all of us. Fraud is bad enough, but when you are frauding to gain money for your evil empire, that makes it all the more worse.

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